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best posture: body naturally straight from the waist back a palm distance. When sitting in this position, the body will show the best curvature of the spine, chest stretch, the body’s original support points will naturally move to the hip by the spine, so that sitting more relaxed and comfortable.

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become the Huhuashizhe breast bodybuilding chest.

woman breast shrink secret

don’t try to lose weight rapidly in a short period of time, because of the rapid fat loss will lead to breast sharp "shrink", and it is difficult to restore, want to maintain a healthy The loss outweighs the gain.! The chest, hold fat, as far as possible to ensure uniform weight decreased. The best reduction speed is 1-1.5 kg per week, no more, otherwise not only breast fat will quickly drain, your health will harm

fat after breast will "shrink" this is 100% correct, strictly speaking the "shrink" amount is 25%. This is because we are 1/4 chest fat occupy, during the process, the body fat will be slowly consumed, our delicate chest is no exception. But the first to lean on the argument is not credible, because the order of the number of parts and how much is not to our will, and other parts of our body will be reduced with the consumption of fat.

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of course, developed pectoral muscle with their physique is related, it may not grow to infinity. There are a lot of chest exercises, from simple to use power equipment, push ups, push, lift, chest exercises is a good way to help us developed chest muscles.

breast is the second women’s physical characteristics, one of the most sexy woman is also part of the body, is one of the parts of the eye to attract men, so the breast health is very important, a female friend to take care of, what is the secret that breast shrink

is a key factor in women’s posture posture, is the so-called "into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He", the chest is no exception! Maybe a week you can spare two hours to do exercise every day, but is sitting to 6-10 hours to calculate! The correct posture can make normal chest stretch, accelerate the blood and chest let the pectoral lymph circulation, complete "daily operations", more dynamic.

3, chest health, a distance on the back of a chair.

rapidly lose weight!

"grab" chest fat: Although the chest is not the first victim, but we have a way to make it do not lose fat, SIZE is not small, of course, as long as you pay attention to the following details:

do you know who is guarding our breasts silently? It is the pectoralis major, which is located below the breast, connected to the shape of the breast. Imagine, if we let the chest more plump and firm, is not like a substantial foundation? Like breast augmentation surgery is inserted into a medium, and the chest exercise is to let the body’s muscles to grow up and become "medium".

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