Zhangzhou substantial increase in social security subsidies for entrepreneurs

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in China Small and micro businesses occupy from the total number of enterprises in our country, which have a large number of graduates from colleges and universities founded. In order to ensure the success rate of entrepreneurship can be effectively improved, Fujian Zhangzhou entrepreneurial students can enjoy more entrepreneurial subsidies.

"before the flexible employment social security subsidies of 1170 yuan every year only, the introduction of this policy, they can get a subsidy of 3180 yuan this year, would greatly reduce the personal burden." The official said, however, this year’s policy has just been introduced, some can get this year’s new policy subsidies, some people have been led by the old policy subsidies, this year it is impossible to grant subsidies by the new policy.

The provisions of the "measures" / >

The full-time ordinary college graduates in University of Zhangzhou

The employment difficulties graduates can also


in addition to Zhang Jian

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