The rise of rural electricity providers so he decided to choose to return home Entrepreneurship

rural areas are rich in agricultural resources, but also lower cost of labor resources, coupled with preferential policies, entrepreneurial space, so that more entrepreneurs are willing to go to the countryside to start life. Meanwhile, the electricity supplier also gave them more development channels.

11 on the evening of 26 August 8, Fujian city of Longyan province Shanghang County Bai Sha Zhen Peng Xin Cun rural Taobao station, 90 young Yuan Weimin was nervous before the sale of the business computer statistics, 4 people from the village to hire too busy in front of the computer.

in a township, Bi Sha Cun is very remote villages, the resident population of more than and 500 people less than 300. However, Bi Sha Cun rural Taobao shop is responsible for Ding Chengxing’s online sales business can make people sit up and take notice: "double 11" pre collection ranked sixth in the country, second in Fujian Province, the county’s first. Ding Chengxing in 2013 after graduating from college in Xiamen, Quanzhou area of entrepreneurship, contact electricity supplier. This year I heard Alibaba set up rural Taobao sites in the county, decided to return home business.

about the rural electricity supplier difficulties, Ding Chengxing and Yuan Weimin say the same, many villagers are not accustomed to online shopping. So, through good service, so that rural people understand the electricity supplier, to accept the modern consumption and sales habits. It is understood that, in order to develop rural e-commerce, Shanghang formulated the "Interim Measures to promote the development of e-commerce in Shanghang" and other supporting policies. Alibaba rural Taobao project settled in the county, Shanghang county government set up 3 million yuan of special funds to support the development of rural e-commerce. At present, the second batch of the county rural Taobao recommended

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