Tummy to sleep will make your breast deformation female health network

5 when the female sexual desire is aroused, the breast will appear tight and shape.

6 breasts don’t like bouncing up and down. Violent shaking will make the breast pain, so women should wear a suitable type of underwear, avoid too intense bounce.

in addition to arouse sexual desire, but also a symbol of beauty and feminine gentleness. Recently, the India times summed up the breast of the little-known 7 interesting facts.

2 areola have hair. Men must be disappointed to hear that, but it’s true. Each areola long erect 2 – 15 dark hair. Female skin and hair color is more deep, the areola hair color is deeper. Some of the women’s breast is also president of blackheads and small pimples, so special care should be on the breast, keep clean.

3 breast is 0.5 kg. The fat contained in each breast is equivalent to 4% to the total body fat in the body of the body, so an ordinary woman’s body weight is about 1% of the weight of the breast. As women grow older, their breasts become more and more plump. It should be noted that women’s breasts are more likely to relax and relax.

The average weight of

4 more than 2 million women worldwide have fake breasts. But not every woman who underwent breast implants was satisfied with the results. According to the survey, the average age of female breast augmentation is 34 years.

7 tummy sleeping breasts will be deformed. Often prone to sleep is likely to cause breast deformity. So we should pay attention to maintain the correct posture, to maintain breast hardness and shape. In order to avoid the breast shape, the best position is the female side, and a pillow under the breast, so as to enable it to obtain enough supporting force.

1 left breast is usually slightly larger. Most women on the left side of the breast is larger than the right side. The size of the nipple is not the same, but the shape of different.

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