Qinghai satellite TV 2017 Amdo Tibetan New Year party Spring Festival Jinfeng recorded

Qinghai radio and TV station TV 2017 Amdo Tibetan New Year Gala "Jinfeng Spring Festival" on the evening of December 10th in Qinghai radio and television studio hall recorded. Ren Qing Jia, Deng Bentai, Mao, Rinchhen Ange, Angwang ang suonan and watched the party.

party in the opening song and dance "Golden Dawn" in the curtain. From Qinghai, Beijing, Sichuan, Tibet, Gansu, Yunnan and other places more than 200 professional actors and folk artists with full of national characteristics of the songs, dance, opera, singing, soft and other art forms, deeply demonstrated at the party’s sunshine and the "four comprehensive" strategy under the guidance of the general layout. The Tibetan people make efforts, high spirited spirit and strive to create a "13th Five-Year" new situation of economic and social development, struggling to win complete faith new victory of well-off society.

the whole party show brilliant, full of rich flavor. The famous Tibetan singer Ya Dong’s "blessing", "the world’s most beautiful baritone" Jiangyangzhuoma "auspicious day", the famous Tibet singer Dogina Jean’s "time", ensemble of young singer Zewangduoji’s "dance" Reba "doses of mulberry plum piece, love", "hit the wall" dance show winning applause, Party A will the climax. The first "Chinese Tibetan Drama Plum Blossom Prize ceremony Wangjiu Tibetan singing class" Ka Lu long "fragment let the audience feel the artistic charm and cultural connotation of Tibetan opera. The song "colorful Tibetan township" to sing the fifty-six ethnic groups is a concentric build China dream. The party in the song "spring tide" came to an end. A total of 30 programs, a time of nearly 3 hours.

as of now, the Tibetan New Year party has been held for 27 years, over the years, the Tibetan New Year party played a positive role in the dissemination of the guidelines and policies of the party, carry forward the fine traditional culture and national sing the theme, to create a harmonious socialist society. In order to run this evening, early planning, early preparation, satellite TV, invite relevant experts, after the screening examination and review, and ultimately from the collection to the more than and 220 works selected 30 excellent programs with strong national and regional characteristics, to ensure the quality and level of the party this year.

the show will be broadcast simultaneously on 2017 during the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year in Qinghai radio and television, TV channels and radio frequencies, Qinghai Tibetan Tibetan Qinghai radio and television network.


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