Xining West Public Security Bureau established the first youth workstation

recently, the west of Xining City Public Security Bureau of the first youth workstation set up. Workstation to serve the majority of the co pilot staff as a function of the young civil service to provide learning, life and other aspects of counseling and help.

it is reported that the West City Public Security Bureau currently has more than 150 co pilot staff, mainly engaged in patrol prevention and video surveillance. Assist the staff to the post, effectively alleviate the shortage of police in the area, for the improvement of the western city public security system has played a certain role. In order to meet the needs of the new situation, to strengthen the public security organization of the Communist Youth League’s appeal and cohesion, to play the role of group education, guidance, youth services, and enhance the quality of public security of members of the youth’s political life, solve the Xieqin auxiliary personnel at present organizations affiliated confusion, not unified management situation, ensure every member of the youth right to play its leading role, the establishment of the first branch of youth workstation. (author: Xiao Shu Liu Rong)

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