Xining City CO sponsored by the serious study and implement the spirit of the thirteen Party Congre

recently, the city of Xining held a meeting of all cadres and workers, to learn to convey the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party of Xining thirteenth Congress, and to implement the spirit of the Party Congress to make arrangements for the deployment.

one is to understand the spirit of the plenary session, earnestly thinking and action to the requirements and arrangements of the municipal Party committee to come up with a clear understanding of the situation, clear objectives, solid work. The two is to do a good job in key investment projects, especially the Green Fair will be the signing of the project tracking services, accelerate the progress of the project implementation. Three is to strengthen friendly exchanges with the friendly city, extensive cooperation with these cities to carry out regional economic cooperation, give play to the advantages and characteristics of both sides to promote regional cooperation, broaden the field of cooperation. The four is the analysis of the situation and tasks, conscientiously sum up the work of this year, "prominent city functions, improve the industrial structure, highlighting the prominent city environment construction, highlighting the protection of people’s livelihood as the key to determine the research ideas for next year.



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