The first meeting of the leading group of the province’s legal education work

5 11, the province’s first meeting of the leading group of the Franco Prussian Education held in Xining. Review and summary of the meeting, 65 law popularization work, the deployment of the province’s "75" law popularization work.

the meeting pointed out that in recent years, the province of all localities and departments to fully implement the "12th Five-Year" period of work in accordance with the law governing the province and the "65 five-year plan, accelerating the economic, political and cultural, social and ecological civilization construction process of rule of law," 65 "year period, with the constitution as the focus of the more than and 50 laws and regulations get publicity at the provincial level, named" legal "seven demonstration unit 119, the establishment of" democracy and the rule of law model village 2285, the mechanism is more perfect, the way of innovation, the vigorous development of the culture of the rule of law, administrative law strengthens unceasingly, provides a legal base and guarantee for the stability of the province’s reform and development.

the meeting stressed that all localities and departments should earnestly summarize the "65" successful experiences and practices, widely publicized "65" law popularization work, carry out to create a good social atmosphere for legal governance according to law; according to the introduction of the central planning and the National People’s Congress, to further improve our Province "75" law planning, to further improve the system of measures, and constantly promote the legal innovation, to foster the expansion of "legal" seven demonstration sites, to take the method, and play the leading role of advanced models, to strengthen the organization and leadership, to ensure that the "75" year to start the implementation of open a good start.


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