Xining city have to say

do civilized people, tree civilization wind, the creation of civilized city. In order to meet the city’s annual inspection, in October 14th, the newspaper devoted to open live civilization Xining column, caused widespread concern of the public, the public have to create a national civilized city of Xining suggestions.

morning exercises old man Zhang Wen: Xining people more and more civilized

early in the morning in October 14th, the old people in the central square exercise. In recent years, Xining focus on livelihood projects, providing a number of fitness places for the elderly. The old man Zhang Wen has always insisted on jump pot village dance in the square. That Xining in the creation of the national civilized city news, the old man feel very proud. Zhang Wenshuo: compared with the past, Xining, Xining city more and more civilized, fewer people on the street smoking, littering people are less. Hope that during the day to maintain a clean and civilized Xining at the same time, the night there is a beautiful landscape."

citizen Zhang Xiaoli: raise awareness of civilization consciously protect the lawn

to create a civilized city, every citizen should pay for it. Public Zhang Xiaoli suggested that when crossing the road, the majority of drivers and pedestrians should consciously abide by traffic rules, so that the red light stop, green line.

in addition, I hope the public can consciously protect the central square lawn, do not arbitrarily trample. I hope the relevant departments to keep the square near the public toilet open, clean and tidy.

sanitation workers Liu Cheng: everyone wants to protect Xining environmental health

Liu Cheng is an ordinary sanitation workers in Xining, Xining in recent years, changes in environmental health, he has deep experience. Liu Chengshuo: since the creation of a civilized city in Xining, the streets of garbage, paper, cigarette butts much less than before, a lot of clean sanitation."

he hoped that the public can keep pets at the same time, consciously clean pet feces. Hope Street merchants consciously protect street sanitation, clean up garbage on time.

bus driver Li Chunsheng: private car Mo accounted for bus lane

102 bus driver Li Chunsheng said that in Xining to create a national civilized city, I hope the passengers to develop the habit of orderly queuing car. As part of the private car sometimes will take bus lanes, the bus stop, the only stop in the middle of the road, according to this phenomenon, Li Chunsheng suggested that the majority of private owners in Xining don’t occupy the bus lanes, bus traffic guarantee.

security Xie Gangjun: Xining city from my start

engaged in the security profession, said Xie Gangjun, to create a civilized Xining, starting from the individual, from the little things, through their own people around him, as a model for the people around them, do civilized pioneer.


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