The spirit of Lei Feng and the times

service. The article can be seen everywhere on the square, "Lei Feng


maintenance engineer bright learned

early in March 5th, the first vocational and technical school teachers and students in Xining, arrived early in the Central Plaza, home appliance repair equipment placed neatly. At 10 in the morning, the Xining duty desk filled with people coming to repair appliances. Small to flashlight, big to DVD player, each need to repair electrical appliances, are in the hands of teachers and students in Xining.

62 year old grandmother Wang, from home to bring an induction cooker, mechanical and electrical professional students Ye Guitong took the induction cooker, he picked up the equipment tester began to overhaul. Grandma Wang said: "I am" West Sea city newspaper, "the old reader, that is, in the newspaper to see the activities held today, specifically from home to participate in activities." Many people in the field to understand the event, hurried home to get the appliance repair.

Xining Post Communist Youth League Secretary Zhang Chunyan said: "today is the" Lei Feng day ", Xining post as Xining city civilization unit, sent 25 students, three computer electrical, auto repair professional composition of the service team, to provide assistance to the public." (author: Chen Junfan,)

"let everyone in"

"my family’s induction cooker is broken. I have to take it with me." March 5th early in the morning, the Chinese Lane community residents Ma Xinhua home with the induction cooker out.

Ma Xinhua just go downstairs, I met old neighbor Zhang Xiujuan, Zhang Xiujuan heard it said: "you wait for me, I have to go, I have a small radio broke a few days, I have to fix it." Then he hurried upstairs to get the radio. Two people came to the center of the square after a look, "a lot of people, ah, I can fix this thing?" The horse Xinhua pushed the crowd to the electromagnetic oven on the table: "look at my cooker, can be repaired?" "I’ll show you." A young man took the induction cooker began to study up. Ten minutes later, the young man wiped the sweat on his face." Let the horse to take home.

Ma Xinhua said: "we have to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, so that everyone involved, so we have more confidence in the creation of the city." (author: Li Yuejuan)

Fu Lu Xiang more than 30 residents went straight to the Plaza

March 5th morning 10 am, Fu Lu Xiang South community more than 30 residents arrived by bus in central square.

"I have a high blood pressure during this time, think of the activity site to measure blood pressure." "I’m here today to consult my mother for medical problems." "I want to repair my radio." Then, several people came to the clinic stage, the blood pressure is normal, but your age, usually more exercise, eat more vegetables, smoking and drinking, but also pay more attention to rest." The doctor told Yan Laiqing about blood pressure. "Well, well, I must pay more attention."

is in the barber shop, although the barber is a lot of people;

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