Huatugou Airport yesterday ushered in the first flight


Huatugou Airport is the fifth civil airport in our province, is also the state of Haixi Golmud, Delingha Airport after the third civil airports. It will be built with a wealth of oil, asbestos, potash and other scarce resources to bring what kind of development opportunities? And what will be the development prospects of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area?


, deputy governor of Haixi Secretary Xin Guobin told reporters at the completion ceremony of navigation, the Qaidam circular economy pilot area is important to our country’s economic cycle test area, is also the only one layout in the test area of Qinghai Tibet plateau. The completion of the Huatugou Airport navigation, to further optimize the province especially the Hercynian three-dimensional traffic network to improve the local investment environment, and the external image, improve the ability to support regional development, for the whole province into the development strategy of "Haixi Belt and Road Initiative", is of great historical significance and practical significance.

mangnai is located in Qinghai, Xinjiang two provinces at the junction, is the province of the Western opening of window town. Deputy Secretary of the governor, Haixi Nobel satellite also said, Huatugou Airport is completed and put into operation, and further improve the connection of Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu transportation network, to build Qinghai into a new platform for Silk Road Economic Belt, bound for the Haixi Prefecture and the province of resource development, reform and opening up the wings, will inject new vitality and the vigor for the economic construction and social development, the development of national unity.

support to build a main eight auxiliary airport pattern

Huatugou Airport is one of the airport construction projects that have been planned, approved, started and completed successfully after the Delingha Airport in 12th Five-Year. In recent years, the province’s air transport to achieve rapid growth, from 2007 to 2014, Qinghai airport passenger throughput increased by 20% to an annual growth rate of 40%. Navigable city and the total number of routes from 2007 to 17, respectively, to 25 in 2014 and the 59, the initial formation of the radiation plateau, encryption in the province, access to the country, connecting the international Qinghai route network.

in the face of such a momentum of development, vice president of the China West Airport Group Zhu said at the inaugural ceremony, West Airport Group in recent years, Qinghai as one of the strategic focus of the development of West Airport Group, focus on the advantages of resources to support the construction of Qinghai airport. In the future, West Airport Group will as in the past support for the rapid development of civil aviation in Qinghai, according to the Qinghai provincial government to determine the "one of the eight auxiliary" strategic layout, and manpower resources, accelerate the construction of the airport, and actively open up routes, continuing to enhance the safety, production and management level, to better serve the economic and social development in Qinghai.

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