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in women before the climax of the climax of the impulse, not breast-feeding women breast erection size can be increased by 1/5 – 1/4 than usual, breast-feeding women breast erection, but the volume can not be significantly increased.

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may be due to an increase in the venous shunt in the breast fed milk. Infant sucking increases venous shunt and tends to slow the deep vascular response to sexual tension.

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put the nipple gently clamped between his fingers, surrounded by breast rub with the palm of the hand by the light induced by heavy, female pleasure will gradually increase, it is natural that breast erection.

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in the case of full stimulation, the actual volume of the breast will be significantly increased, which is the result of deep venous engorgement of the breast. Women in the state of sexual reaction in the erection of the reaction occurs, the lower part of the breast is more likely to be observed, if the woman to take a supine position, the overall increase in the volume of the breast will be more obvious. In the excitement of late can be seen obvious hyperemia of areola.

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breast is an important sign of female sexual maturity, is one of the most important sexual sensitive area, it also plays an important role in sexual life, but people often ignore this point. In the period of the sexual response cycle, the breasts will respond to sexual stimulation, nipple erection, this is because the nipple is rich in smooth muscle fibers in response to sexual stimulation after the results of involuntary contraction.

under the influence of sexual tension is not only related to the physiological response of vascular congestion, but also with the composition of the breast lobules to support the role of the degree of fullness of fibrous tissue. The excessive expansion of the breasts during early lactation, which can damage the effectiveness of these supportive tissue. Therefore, it is easy to understand that it is difficult to make a more obvious sexual reaction to the breast after lactation.

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