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what is social insurance? What social insurance system has been set up in our country?

social insurance refers to the state through legislation, in accordance with the rights and obligations corresponding to the principle of multiple channels to raise funds for the insured to provide material assistance in the event of old age, illness, injury, unemployment, maternity and other risk conditions (including cash subsidies and services), to enjoy the basic living security, waive or reduce economic losses institutional arrangements.

social insurance law second provisions, establish a social insurance system for basic old-age insurance, basic medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance in our country, protecting the citizens in old age, illness, injury, unemployment and maternity cases according to law from the state and society have the right to material assistance. Among them, the basic old-age insurance system including the new rural social insurance system and urban residents social pension insurance system, the basic old-age insurance system for workers; the basic medical insurance system including the basic medical insurance system for workers, the new rural cooperative medical system and medical insurance system for urban residents.

what social security obligations should employers use? What are the social insurance rights?

(1) social insurance obligations: one is to apply for compulsory social insurance registration; two is the declaration and payment of social insurance obligations; three is withholding workers social insurance obligations; four is to inform the workers to pay social insurance fees detailed obligations.

(2) social insurance rights: one is to have the right to free inquiry, check the payment records; two is entitled to social insurance agencies to provide social insurance consulting and other related services; three is to participate in the social insurance supervision committee, put forward advice and suggestions on the implementation of social insurance and social supervision; four is to encroach on their own interests and not in accordance with the law for social insurance transaction behavior, have the right to apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit according to law. In addition, the right to violate social insurance laws and regulations of the conduct of complaints, complaints.

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