Poor people will enjoy the new bailout policy

In order to improve the social assistance system in our city, optimize the integration of aid resources, the establishment of long-term assistance mechanism of poor people, poor people’s basic living security in urban and rural areas, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau drafted the "rescue the urban and rural poor people in Xining implementation opinions (Trial)", in order to effectively protect the basic livelihood of the special difficulties of the masses.

it is understood that the urban and rural poor people relief object is tentatively scheduled for city residents object in three no object, severe disabilities, long-term bedridden patients, orphans and beneficiaries. The relief object in addition to enjoy the urban and rural poor people present minimum life security, medical assistance, student assistance, subsidies, rural reconstruction subsidies, the difficulties of the masses transformation of heating in winter spring festival living subsidies, subsidized utilities, legal aid, also tentatively will enjoy additional temporary living subsidies, the implementation of Sportak, payment of heating subsidies and strengthening employment assistance, provide housing assistance classification 5 assistance policy. It is understood that the city’s poor people relief objects in the enjoyment of the minimum living security on the basis of the provisional monthly allowance for 6 months of temporary living subsidies, subsidies for the standard of $100 per person per month. At the same time, the city of guaranteeing objects in the three noes, 70 years of age or older, disabled and long-term bedridden patients per month issue of $40, 60 to 69 years of age, single family members per person monthly issuance of $20. Rural disabled objects in the disabled, sick lying in bed for more than 1 years, no family members of the labor force, more than 60 years of age per person each year additional $200.


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