Urban road maintenance work in full swing

recently, the organization municipal project management office related personnel in accordance with the construction plan and work arrangement, on the Yangtze River Road, Kunlun Road, the Yellow River Road, Xichuan road and other sections of the repair of damaged pavement, which also marks the urban road maintenance work in full swing.
for disease pits, urban primary and secondary roads on the sidewalk and subsidence damage, municipal project management office, early planning, early hands-on, seize the time to repair the road, to create a good travel environment for the masses. To do this work, the entire attendant operating responsibility, in dispatching the construction site, the optimization and adjustment of construction strength. Each section of the person in charge, construction workers and security personnel in accordance with the task division, perform their duties, in close cooperation. In the construction, in strict accordance with the technical specifications for construction work, made a plan of dust remediation of municipal engineering, sprinkler sprinkler timing, a number of measures of garbage and waste produced during construction to keep clean, to prevent dust.

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