Xining two sessions courier Eastern will build the country’s largest halal ndustrial Park

January 15th, reporters from the four session of the fifteen Xining Municipal People’s Congress Chengdong District seminar learned that this year will start the construction of the Qinghai East District (Xining) International Halal Industrial Park, has become China’s largest collection of halal food products R & D, design, production and processing, wholesale sales, exhibition Expo, bonded export integration center ground.

It is reported that

, halal Industrial Park will be mainly halal food and supplies and other light industrial projects, industrial park and national culture, tourism, convention and exhibition industry, local characteristic industry, modern manufacturing industry, ecological construction, new rural communities together. Among them, the halal food industry park halal food display, trading, organic livestock meat products cold chain (Tibet), circulation, processing oriented. Halal Products Industrial Park, including halal daily necessities, tourist supplies, ethnic clothing, clothing, home, lighting, building materials, such as display, trading, circulation processing, etc.. Muslim cultural industry park will be divided into Muslim cultural exhibition, exchange, research, tourism and hospitality, stationery display trading center 5 functional areas. The main functions of the Qinghai Tibet special products industrial park include Tibetan medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, Cordyceps sinensis trading, research and development, packaging, etc.. In addition, the industrial park will also be equipped with logistics equipment and electrical machinery, garden road to Hong Kong, innovation industry and headquarters development zone and star hotels, entertainment center, fully tap the halal food and supplies industry, the introduction and cultivation of halal food and brand products, improve the industrial added value, make it become the base of halal industry scale and brand and the modernization and internationalization, has become the country’s radiation, Middle East halal Industrial Park, special industrial park. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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