The province’s key projects this year out of poverty and vigorously promote efforts to achieve the a

this year, our province to protect "who support" and "who to help", "how to help, how to take off more accurate landing, while the industrial poverty alleviation, relocation of poverty easily, financial poverty, poverty alleviation, education and training of tourism poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, photovoltaic electricity supplier and other aspects of poverty alleviation and great efforts, make the article, in order to achieve the 6 poverty-stricken counties hat, exit 400 poor villages, 110 thousand people out of poverty in the annual target.

this year, our province on the annual poverty hat goals and tasks, unswervingly implement the provincial government’s decision to deploy. Adhere to the "two in one" through accurate identification, the development of poverty reduction rolling plan and the establishment of large data management platform, build clear account; through precise identification, relocation of construction investment and financing platform, the integration of various relocation policy, started to be relocated "cannon"; through the implementation of household poverty alleviation industry, construction, industry park tourism, business and poverty alleviation projects, sing the "key"; "through the development of a group of eight", "ten special" and "five mechanisms", "safety net"; dense weave through the school school of Qi strong "first secretary" and in the village cadres, strengthen poverty alleviation team construction, strong "combat team, the province of poverty alleviation projects to promote the smooth and orderly progress.

in accordance with the household industry, village collective economy, County Industrial Park "three-in-one" poverty alleviation and development ideas, objectives and tasks of the year around 400 poor villages, out of 110 thousand people out of poverty, in our province this year invested 1 billion 287 million yuan, the implementation of industrial projects to cover 158 thousand of the poor households, poverty alleviation and construction of the 10 industry park, tourism projects the implementation of poverty alleviation in 50 villages. Currently, 29 counties to start the implementation of industrial projects, the approval of the 6 Industrial Park, the construction of poverty alleviation projects in poor villages in the construction of the 39.

as a poverty alleviation "pledge gun," the relocation of poverty alleviation project, the year plans to implement the relocation of 535 villages in the county (city, district) of the project, resettlement of 20 thousand, 78 thousand people. Currently 36 counties in the construction of the village of 18086 households, the operating rate of 84.8% of the total of 507.

In addition, the province also arranged 39 million 950 thousand yuan of funds, the implementation of various types of poverty alleviation training in the first half to achieve a precise training time, the task more than half

". Financial poverty alleviation efforts continue to increase, as of now, the bank has set up a financial poverty alleviation 138 thousand financial services to support the accuracy of the file, the implementation of financial poverty alleviation loans of $1 billion 590 million.


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