20 year old girl suffering from abnormal breast weighs more than and 10 kg down to the navel at

breast disease, also known as breast hypertrophy, large breasts or large breasts, refers to the excessive development of female breast, including glands and fat connective tissue hyperplasia, super volume, and the body is significantly impaired. Can the chest pressure, chronic pain, shoulder pain, mastitis and breast under heavy skin erosion etc.. Medical treatment, reduction mammaplasty can cure the disease.

interview, the reporter learned that Zhang was originally a cheerful girl, only afraid of strangers because of huge breasts, character becomes withdrawn, sensitive. "I really do not want to let her daughter like this for a lifetime, I really do not know how to do?" When the reporter after the interview, Zhang Haiqing burst into tears.

is 20 years old, is a girl of great love, however, Changzhi County East Village Girl Zhang Xiang Hui River was laid on the gigantomastia in pain. At present, her breasts weighs more than and 10 kg, equivalent to 1/8 of her body weight. In the face of this sudden illness, family can do nothing.

yesterday morning, the reporters came to zhang. Zhang’s father Zhang Haiqing told reporters, in July last year, he felt his daughter some strange, but did not care too much, one day in March this year, daughter feel chest swollen swelling, and pain, when her breasts have been bigger than the mature coconut, has come down to the navel, but because it is a sensitive part, she always did not have the nerve to tell others, usually try to wear loose clothing. Her family rushed to Changzhi county hospital and Changzhi city hospital for examination, were told that the cause is unknown, unable to confirm the condition. Then, they went to the provincial capital of Taiyuan Shanxi hospital, diagnosed with breast disease, but to identify the cause, need further examination. Due to the cost of inspection to sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan, the family had to go home. Check back from Taiyuan has been a year’s time, but Zhang’s disease is not a little improvement, now the lower breast has started to fester and pain, usually had to go to the village clinics prescribe penicillin like anti-inflammatory drugs temporarily ease the pain.

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Zhang lives in a peasant family in the village of Changzhi County Xiang Hui River East River, 63 year old father, suffering from hypertension, perennial bed, no ability to work, can not go out to work; the mother is blind, life can not take care of themselves. She also has a 83 year old grandmother, the whole family can only rely on a small area of 4 acres. Because of family poverty, and no one to take care of her grandmother and mother, Zhang dropped out early to others by doing odd jobs to make money.

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