Xining has become a tourist resort

According to the survey report "

" of domestic tourism in Xining city in 2013, this summer, to Xining to sightseeing, leisure vacation travel as the main purpose of tourists accounted for 70.56%, Xining has become a large number of domestic tourists cool summer leisure holiday resort.

The results of sampling survey of

display, with leisure sightseeing, holiday travel is the main purpose of tourists accounted for 70.56%, ranking the first; to the relatives and friends for the purpose of travel tourists accounted for 9.31%; secondly, for business travel to tourists to beyond the meeting for the purpose of tourists accounted for 6.27%, ranking third; cultural exchange as tourists travel purpose than to for the purpose of meeting tourists accounted for 3.1%, ranking fourth; and in meetings, health recuperation and religious worship for travel to the tourists accounted for 2.78%, 2.2% and 2.07%; other purposes accounted for 3.62%. At the same time, in 2013, Ning Ning domestic tourists in accordance with age composition, 25 year old -44 year old young tourists are still the main component of the city’s domestic tourists, accounting for 60.76%. Followed by 45 year old -64 aged tourists accounted for 23.98%, 15 years old -24 years old young tourists accounted for 12.02%, 65 years of age or older tourists accounted for 2.33%, below the age of 14 tourists accounted for 0.9%, ranking the same as last year, but the proportion of change. The choice of individual or friends together way of self-help travel accounted for 46.99%, ranked first, but 4.5% lower than last year, mainly for self driving tourism tourists than to travel for the purpose of tourists ranked second, accounting for 23.4%, 5.67% higher than last year, travel agencies and travel organizations respectively accounted for 15.77% and 7.05%, down 2.79% and 0.71%. The way of tourism organization tends to be fit and personalized, especially for self driving tourists.


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