Xining into the night to read the beauty of Xining

[search echo] do not integrate into the night in Xining, how to understand the beauty of Xining? The public says. The lanterns, roam the streets, Xining seems to have become a light intersection, dreamlike garden, magnificent. See each other on the Nanshan height 70 meters of the Phoenix Group with more than clove landscape from the labor Road; see the Nanchuan river a footbridge turned into a beautiful rainbow bridge from Kunlun; up from the Pearl of the plateau, and that a gold roof is like countless stars for our city. Skyline…… It is not surprising that the night in Xining is so enchanting! Mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that the night scene is an important urban resources. To continue to the public, visitors to the practical and aesthetic vision, centralized planning, implementation of a number of lighting projects, before the tourist season, major economic activities come form city night scene hierarchy, and combining, well-proportioned, elegant and harmonious. In carrying out the party’s mass line of educational practice, I will strongly promote the five LIAN, more to benefit people’s livelihood, let Xining become more beautiful and make people happier life.

[news story] beautiful night view of Xining, from the year after year to vigorously promote the city lighting, especially since last year, the city after soliciting the opinions of the masses, according to the public and tourists "bright but not brilliant, beautiful and impressive, concise and easy, saving low carbon", to create a beautiful night in Xining. 2013, the city completed 142 single building, 7 key nodes in the regional urban landscape lighting; this year, according to the plan will be completed in the city of the single building, the building of the bridge, the 3 bridges and the landscape of the task of lighting the 1 rivers. In recent years, the city to continue to strengthen the city landscape lighting to create a brand as summer, showing the unique charm of the city plateau, an important measure to build a life of the city, the city of happiness and plateau tourism destination.

the Nanchuan River "serenade"

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