Xining environmental comprehensive utilization of the world bank loan project started

March 19th, the Xining Municipal People’s government held a comprehensive environmental management and utilization of Xining World Bank loan project identification group to start the meeting, the Beijing Representative Office of the world bank to identify the project. From 2013 to 2015, Xining will be through the implementation of city drainage engineering, city reclaimed water reuse project, city environment and the surrounding River torrents Ditch Sediment dam system and capacity building project, realize the Huangshui River (Xining section) "the overall goal of clear water, smooth, shore green, camellia, new pattern the ecological environment to form hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant.

2009, the implementation of Xining city flood control and watershed management in Xining by the world bank loan project, the implementation of the project, the construction of Xining city flood control system is basically formed, the original main city sewage interception dry pipe laying is completed basically. But there are still some river water quality is not up to standard, water quality presents a serious pollution, sediment content and other issues. Therefore, Xining city sewage interception dry pipe, reclaimed water, sludge resource utilization, flood ditch Dam Engineering Department of baling, submitted to the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance for the use of bank loans, the bank for support, and comprehensively promote the Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management. At all levels of development and Reform Commission, the strong support of the financial sector, in July 3, 2012, the project was included in the 2013 to fiscal year 2015 World Bank project planning.

Comprehensive management of the Xining environment

using the world bank loan project involves the city sewage collection pipe network engineering, regenerative engineering, environment engineering, river torrents ditch comprehensive control project of the water back, including 114.7 kilometers of new sewage collection pipeline, construction of 3 renewable water remediation, comprehensive treatment of Beichuan river environment, Xining City, Chaoyang electric Shenjiagou Liu Jia Gou ditch, Xining and other neighboring channel and other sub projects. Among them, the reclaimed water reuse project includes the construction of Xining fourth sewage treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project, Xining city sewage treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project, Xining city third sewage treatment plant reclaimed water reuse project (phase two). These 3 recycled water reuse project completed and put into operation, can produce 75 thousand tons of recycled water. Recycled water will be mainly used for recycling cooling water enterprises, Nanshan green and urban green water, water poured into the road and river landscape water supply, etc.. Recycled water reuse project to save 27 million 375 thousand tons of water per year in Xining, Xining recycled water reuse rate can reach more than 30%, to provide a basis for the establishment of a national model city in Xining. At the same time, the urban sewage interception pipeline project will achieve the city’s sewage "full measurement and control, full collection, full treatment", effectively alleviate the pollution of urban sewage to the river water, thereby eliminating pollution and poor quality. Flood ditch dam engineering construction can make the "Xining Sanchuan water" and the surrounding mountain torrents ditch form a complete sediment system. Through the implementation of the world bank loan project in Xining, we can create a clear urban landscape water system, improve the image of the city, improve the grade of the city, and promote the sustainable and harmonious development of Xining. (author: Wu Yachun)

since March 9th, Xining has experienced continuous days of dust weather,;

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