Air pollution control is the responsibility of the place

November 7th to 8, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments responsible person, went to the East District, Chengzhong District, North District, West District, Nanchuan Industrial Park, the Lake District Supervision and inspection of air pollution comprehensive management. Ma Haiying stressed that the air pollution is not about objective reasons, the key is responsibility, the core is put in place, in the pollution control work, to firmly establish the fight a protracted war of ideas, not slack work, must continue to force, to seize the core key, highlight the current can do, urgent need to do, to maintain a high pressure situation at present pollution remediation work, ensure the quality of the environment continues to improve.

, according to the East District of the Nanshan Road Shuangcheng coal enclosure set and sprinkler dust is not in place; Shang Dong international Cao Zhai resettlement area not Weidang, road hardening, not without vehicle washing equipment is not set, dust sprinkler; spring cleaning commercial concrete transport muck car sewage discharged directly into the Sha Tang river. The city district wool mill village ditch, color brick factory factory, Caigang foam board factory use of coal-fired boilers, waste and sewage directly discharged into the drainage channel; Lu village ten lime processing plant is not set, the road is not hardened enclosure pile material not covered, did not set the car washing equipment, dust sprinkler; in the area of agricultural demonstration park construction site roads not hardened, large area of bare surface. North District twenty village shop Choi steel, wood factory and other small enterprises did not apply for environmental protection procedures, the use of coal-fired boilers, waste incineration; the airport expressway (along) environmental remediation project of Si Tai Zi Cun demolition site dust sprinkler is not in place, building garbage is not timely. West District Fire ditch landfill road not completely hardened, sprinkler dust in place and other issues, Ma Haiying requirements, the construction site should strictly implement the "air pollution control of Xining city 5 100" mandatory, small business coal yard, steel plant, color brick factory, foam board factory, lime processing factory be careful planning and reasonable layout according to the requirements of environmental protection and the needs of the market, adhere to the promotion, mainly through integration, relocation, "down", combining guidance way to standardize the operation, to ensure the realization of the city’s air and water pollution comprehensive management target. (reporter correspondent Jia Quanjun)


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