nstitute of precision medicine Tsinghua University Qinghai University Center for hydatid disease

in order to further improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of hydatid disease in our province, improve surgical treatment, recently, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University of Tsinghua University medical aid platform, Tsinghua University precision medical research institute Qinghai University branch of hydatid disease research center was formally established.

province is one of the most serious provinces in china. According to estimates, the province’s total of 30 thousand patients with hydatid disease. Hydatid disease is a major cause of our province agricultural and pastoral areas of mass poverty caused by illness, has become an important public health problem which restricts the economic and social development in our province. Branch of Tsinghua University Medicine Research Institute was established hydatid disease research center at the Qinghai University, from the team and personnel training, to carry out surgery, adaptive technology to carry out innovative clinical research, improve the level of basic research in China and other fields of hydatid disease in Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University to give specific guidance and help.

it is reported that Tsinghua University precision medical research institute will jointly establish a branch of green hospital Guoluo Prefecture of Qinghai Province in the people’s Hospital of echinococcosis surgical base in Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. The establishment of the base can not only provide scientific and standardized treatment for the patients with hydatid disease, but also provide an important reference for the clinical treatment of the disease.


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