2600 landless farmers will receive training

to help farmers improve the employment competition ability, this year the city plans to train 2600 people landless peasants, landless peasants have more grasp ", to achieve full employment stable proficiency in a particular line.".

at present, landless farmers about 156 thousand people in Xining City, the rural labor force of about 88 thousand people, accounting for 13.3% of the total rural labor resources, farmers accounted for 56% of the total, of which a considerable part of the landless peasants cultural level is low, the lack of employment skills, employment is difficult. In July 31st, our city is relatively concentrated in Huangzhong County of land lost farmers in the resettlement area of Sichuan Kang Metro held the recruitment activities of landless farmers and business skills training, organized nearly 10 designated training institutions with their respective advantages, according to different types of "sharing a bit of publicity site registration, there are more than and 150 people enrolled in the car driving, excavator and the cab of loaders, filigree craft and folk dances and more than 10 types of training. At the same time, in accordance with the post to the door, send service into the community, the service requirements, organized 16 enterprises to carry out on-site recruitment of landless farmers, providing jobs 489, on-site job registration of more than and 100 passengers. (author: Rong Lijun)

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