Embroidery artists into the province to learn

recently, Chinese intangible cultural heritage — Qinghai Hehuang embroidery training held at Guangzhou University, Xunhua, Longhua Province, Huzhu and Minhe County 50, 5 Menyuan embroidery artists into the Guangzhou University, received training and learning.

Hehuang embroidery is one of the traditional arts and crafts in our province representative, with distinct regional characteristics and ethnic characteristics, many artists, 2009 was included in the third batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage. In recent years, the emergence of a number of ethnic embroidery production enterprises, but from the development and utilization of Hehuang embroidery situation, product variety, design and development lag, innovation ability, into modern life problems more prominent. The traditional training according to the characteristics and development status of Hehuang embroidery, through classroom teaching, practical operation, inspection, exhibition training mode, by teachers and experts at the Guangzhou University of Academy of Fine Arts teaching team, focus on the intangible cultural heritage protection policy, arts and basic knowledge, innovation and design content of Hehuang embroidery embroidery artists guide to our province and explain. I also went to Foshan province embroidery artists non writing base, Shenzhen cultural base, Bo Guangzhou cultural base to visit and study, understand the advanced technology and product research and development as well as the. Our province embroidery artists in the training of learning, deepen the understanding of traditional culture, broaden their horizons, and then in the base of learning embroidery art on the promotion of Hehuang embroidery design, research and development level, drive more embroidery artists to get rich, enhance the vitality of Hehuang embroidery inheritance.


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