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wearing a bra: young women believe that the shape of the breast is very important for women, in order to maintain a good chest shape, bra essential. Moreover, this is just a little higher the risk of cancer. Take this a little risk and better than the chest, the latter is certainly important.


does not wear a bra good: middle-aged women believe that they have been concerned about the age of the beautiful breasts, and keep the most important health. So the approach is feasible, not wearing a bra to wear heavy clothes in the autumn and winter, spring and summer also try to choose a thin bra those relaxed freely, strong binding force, home immediately removed.

(2) if the need for work or wear a bra in public places for a long time, especially in more than 12 hours, should choose breathable fabric, binding force is not strong bra;

"sin" is not in the bra choose improper

warm tip:

, 80% of women in the world are wearing inappropriate bras. Because of the long time wearing a bra and breast disease in women, nine out of ten because of the improper selection bra.

? According to a survey by

(1) women to choose the right bra, not too tight nor too loose;

(3) every day after work, or not to public holidays, you can try to unlock the bra, make breast more or less "".


this research was supported by the National Cancer Institute spokesman recognition, and with the network spread to major domestic websites, especially for women with female occupation: every day more than 12 hours in public places is commonplace, whether it is wearing a bra or do not wear

"American Cancer Research Center" as a result, long time wearing bra chest tighten is negative breast health, the reason comes from two aspects, one is not wearing the right bra, the two is to wear a long time.

Investigation on the relationship between long wear bras and breast cancer

teach you how to choose the right bra

therefore, the blind "bare chest" to give up the shaping and protection effect of breast bra. Yang Haiyan said, wearing a bra is necessary, the key is to choose the right bra, wear time reasonable.

blind naked chest is not desirable. Because of fear of breast disease instead of arthrosis bra". The role of the bra in addition to protect the breast from external abrasions and direct impact, but also to support the breast does not sag.

experts found that women who wore bras for more than 12 hours a day were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not wear a bra for a short time or at all. That night did not take off a bra for women, the possibility is more than 100 times. Because the bra card tight chest will affect the normal circulation of breast lymph part, normal cells in the course of time will make the breast cancer.

is it good or not to wear a bra

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