Chong City public health hundred days to start a tough action

in order to further promote the Xining city to create a civilized city, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, before starting a city public health hundred days crucial action, take effective measures to carry out special rectification, public health, public health and improve the environmental quality of Xining city.

in the "three small" industries, namely small beauty salon, small hotels and small bathroom, through comprehensive renovation, effectively change the "three small" industries operating without license and basic health facilities are not in place, its health management, environmental health and poor situation, improve the management level of public health in Xining City, for the protection of the health of the people, to further improve people’s living environment and health quality, for the smooth passage of the "good foundation of a city state inspection lay.

in food security "three small" industries, including food production and processing of small workshops, small restaurants, small vendors remediation, mainly food and Drug Administration jointly organized by the city and the city to carry out food safety Industrial and Commercial Bureau, "three small" industries focus on special rectification, efforts to solve outstanding problems of small workshops, small vendors, small restaurants the further purification of the city’s food safety environment, enhance people’s sense of the masses of food consumption safety and consumer confidence.

in addition, the provincial capital will also vigorously carry out tobacco control action, mainly through cooperation with relevant departments to strengthen the linkage, public supervision and education of smoking, and promote people’s healthy life style to develop and improve the quality of national health, to further improve the quality of public health, optimize the civilized image of the city. (author: Li Yuejuan)

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