Bao Yizhi in Minhe County research and development of cultural tourism integration seriously stresse

recently, progress of the work of the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Bao Yizhi in Haidong people and Hui and Tu Autonomous County, hometown location research Yu Lajia National Archaeological Park and Lajia folk village construction, and puts forward suggestions to speed up promoting the related work.

Bao Yizhi and his entourage inspected the official town Lajia village, township village, the hometown of Da Yu Nakagawa Xiakou location, RV campsite location, Fort Wine Jialong Zhuang and other places, listen to the relevant departments introduction.

Bao Yizhi pointed out, Minhe county is located in Gansu five Sanchuan Green County at the junction of the two provinces, is the Xining tourism circle and Lanzhou tourism circle, Gansu best connection point, its position, and rich historical and cultural heritage, rich in tourism resources, is the "hometown of Da Yu" beautiful legend, known as the Oriental "Pompeii" Lajia site, known as the world’s longest Carnival Tu "Nadun Festival" and the colorful folk culture, is an important area and storage area of the tourism resources in Qinghai.

Bao Yizhi stressed that the infrastructure in Sanchuanhe region and Minhe County continue to improve, continue to promote the construction of ecological civilization, a strong impetus to the development of social undertakings. I hope the relevant government departments to seriously study, do the preliminary planning, and actively strive for the national, provincial and municipal support, "La National Archaeological Park, the hometown of Da Yu, the Turkish customs, scenery of the Yellow River" four in one overall build, make Sanchuan become our province a new unique tourist destination and leisure vacation livable industry should travel landscape garden town.


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