Lake tournament opening ceremony will be held in the Sea Lake District

  in July 5th 10, thirteenth Lake Race opening ceremony will be held at the Grand Lake District Stadium, when the CCTV sports channel and Qinghai TV will broadcast the opening ceremony, friends can not arrive at the scene through the television to watch the opening ceremony.

with close to thirteenth Lake Race game time, Xining people began to look forward to, look forward to the opening of the lake race, to hold Xining criterium. Walking in the streets of Xining, people are talking about the most is around the lake, and can be seen everywhere on the current round of the lake’s slogan is also about to start the game to add a thick atmosphere. "This is our annual event in Qinghai, I would like to see the opening ceremony of the scene." Mention Lake Race, the public are very excited, we all say that the Lake Race year after year, the opening ceremony of the atmosphere year after year.

in July 6th 11, Xining criterium will go to war in Xining, when the public can choose the nearest road criterium to watch the game.


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