Production safety situation is stable

in the first quarter, the provincial production safety committee office of provincial government to seriously implement a series of work on safe production deployment, and take measures to implement the plan, "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year the province’s production safety to achieve a good start.

it is reported that this year, 1-3 months, the province’s total production and operation accidents decreased by 21 year on year, down by 32.81%, the number of deaths decreased by 16.13%.

in order to ensure the province’s production safety situation remained stable for the better, the next step will be to highlight the industrial and mining enterprises to implement the production plan to resume production, training, production and acceptance inspection work, strict implementation of complex production inspection system; serious road traffic, vehicles, to focus on the key sections, focusing on the period of supervision, implement the important measures to pay close attention to. To effectively curb traffic accidents prone momentum; outstanding construction, grasp the statutory construction procedures, hazardous processes, key positions, key operation management, effective prevention of construction accidents; mine outburst dangerous chemicals, coal mine safety supervision, non coal mine "five law enforcement", the hazardous chemicals safety special rectification activities; serious investigation and management of risks, grasp the risk assessment analysis, safety standardization, liability insurance and other work, and resolutely prevent And containment of major production safety accidents.


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