Breast self examination four words scriptures female health network

: look at the mirror with his hands drooping, look carefully at both sides of the breast is symmetrical, there are all normal protrusions, skin and nipple whether there is depression or eczema.

to this end, the experts in particular to the female friends to promote the "touch touch pressure" self-test breast 4 steps.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

: left hand to touch the back of the head, with the right to check the left breast, fingers Finger light pressure from breast, nipple started ring clockwise check, gradually outward (about 3-4 circle) to complete all breast check, and check the right breast with the same method.

pressure: in addition to the breast, also need to check if there is axillary lymph node enlargement, and finally to the thumb and index finger squeeze nipple, pay attention to whether there is abnormal secretion.

breast disease can be said to be one of the biggest threats to women’s health. In recent years, although the medical profession calls for women should do breast self-examination, but because the check is tedious, female friends is still foggy, do not know where to start self testing.

: lying lying down, put a pillow in his right shoulder, right hand bent head, repeated 2 methods of examination of breast.

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