The wind of corruption a summary of the construction of Xining’s clean government culture

walk in the streets of Xining, "clear water park, everywhere is that people are" Qing Lian "Qin people, low-cost Germany to support, light to Ming, static to self-cultivation and honest aphorisms billboards; government office building corridor, hung a picture of anti-corruption picture; into the community, honest aphorisms eye-catching publicity slogans…… Whether it is the local people or tourists, everywhere can feel the strong atmosphere of culture, such as wisps of breeze and.

this is just a microcosm of the construction of clean government culture in Xining. In recent years, the clean government culture has not only become an important way to educate Party members and cadres in Xining, but also spread to the community, schools, families, rural areas, enterprises, spread to every corner of the city.

building a clean and honest culture everywhere

anti-corruption to the whole society". In the cultural construction work, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in actively relying on the promotion of clean government culture into organs, into the community, into the family, into the countryside, into the enterprise, into the school based "into six", and put forward innovative clean government culture into the hospital, into the project, into the area, into the mall construction activities, the formation of the "six plus four" Xining mode, the rich and colorful culture, blossom everywhere.

in the process of promoting clean government culture into the project, Xining city key parts closely around the construction field of power operation and key links, the signing of the construction contract and the responsibility of the "double contract", the anti-corruption education and supervision throughout the whole process of project construction. In the hospital culture, the establishment of cultural publicity column posted some of the hospital, the hospital a billboard; some clean from medical discussion, open up clean government culture column on the website and hospital newspaper; some hospital held a clean government culture thematic learning activities. In Xining, a number of well-known old mall, the customer can always see the mall on the electronic screen, radio, shelves near the counter to see the public service ads and honest culture tips.

relevant departments also make use of the landscape to highlight the characteristics of the establishment of clean government culture in Xining. In the book, Xingzhi Park Sports sculpture, visitors to the transfer of health to life taste; wild zoo carefully created "Chrysanthemum" Yu Lian Yun Ju "; Cultural Park, Nanshan park is designed into the cultural publicity Gallery, people’s Park Sun Zhongshan monument" in the whole world as one community "of the noble sentiments and honest morality to spread and infect visitors; Hehuang proverbs Park Theme Park, increase independent cultural discourse"…… According to preliminary statistics, this year, Xining is expected to invest more than 1500 yuan in the field of clean government culture.

create a strong atmosphere of Lian Rong corruption

"asked him what so clear, as has the springhead". In order to make the construction of a clean government culture has continued to appeal, penetration and influence, we must constantly enrich the connotation of the times, innovation into "living water", the construction of a clean government culture is more and more obvious Xining characteristics".

for several years, Xining city in seven;

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