The cultural industry has made considerable progress in Tongde County

in recent years, Tongde County play regional characteristics, efforts to promote cultural and creative design services, and integration of the development of tourism and other related industries, the rapid development of the culture industry.

as of now, the county has a stone carving, Thangka painting, the Yellow River stone, stone scriptures, felt hat making and other cultural industries 11 enterprises; there are 5 township cultural stations, cultural compound 4, farm house 73, culture 62 business units; units of cultural relics protection home approved stone temple and Zongri culture sites etc. in 2, selli Hai temple, temple, Deqin Temple GA Mao Wu Zong, Dou site of the provincial cultural relics protection units 4, hat, stone carving, Ling dance and other state-level intangible cultural heritage protection project 7, cadjpy Hai ruins, Kang Sai temple ruins, the ruins of the ancient city, such as 68 county-level cultural relics protection units.


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