Ten thousand college students recruitment jobs

The newspaper news (reporter Ding

) lamented in most graduates employment pressure Alexander, 2013 college graduates employment recruitment organized Industrial and Commercial Bureau would like a spring, is just out of the campus facing the choice of employment college students sent a warm, more than and 480 enterprises to participate in, to provide tens of thousands of jobs the number of employees and make good preparation for employment of college students has long been eager, eager for a fight. It is reported that the day there are more than 800 college students to find their own site.

Central Conservatory of Music student recruitment

March 30th morning, the reporter saw at the Qinghai National University Gymnasium, basketball hall and adjoining venues crowded, tens of thousands of students from the major Xining city school and foreign institutions into the recruitment site, will set up each unit job recruitment point crowded. It is reported that the interaction between universities and enterprises, personnel and Post Internet recruitment will be held by the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, take enterprise and college graduates to meet directly, onsite, on-site contract verification, on-site recruiting way, job fairs not only attracted Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai National University and other local colleges. There are students from Central Conservatory of Music, Sichuan University and other colleges.

high salary high welfare enterprises welcome

from Qinghai National University of biological engineering, Graduate School of Feng Yinghui told reporters that she majored in relatively unpopular, difficult employment, have participated in the recruitment will be held in that position is not ideal, have fair she heard today, ready to see the recruitment site, a Golmud just in the recruitment unit related jobs, and the purchase of five social insurance and one housing fund, she immediately fill in the inaugural book. Reporters found that the recruitment will be divided according to geographical, college students can choose the nearest location according to their own jobs, and many units have social insurance, so very popular with college students.


business unit of large enterprises as "xiangbobo"

Chinese graduates pony childhood love writing, during the university has served as editor of the school newspaper, the recruitment will be let the pony was very happy, because there are several institutions in the recruitment of secretarial jobs, although the Secretary salary is not high, but there are two gold insurance, pony immediately for the registration. See in a business unit recruitment reporter, although the treatment than some professional strong enterprises is poor, but the students of these institutions in droves, only one time in the morning, the enterprise registration of nearly 200 college students.


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