Xining Federation of trade unions held a speech contest

"reading – step" our progress, "Qin Xia scholarly culture to guide the development of urban construction harmonious flower soul"…… September 13th, the Xining Federation of trade unions held a speech contest, from four districts of Xining City, more than three cadres and workers, with a lively and vivid language to talk about the joy of reading and bring their own harvest.


staff read the speech contest, Xining City Federation of trade unions "workers reading" theme one of the series of activities, to call for workers through reading and learning, and strive to improve their comprehensive quality, striving for learning knowledge organization, to become workers, better development and practice workers self value. In more than three hours of speech, seven players won the one or two talent shows itself, third-prize, some athletes won the excellent prize.

won the first prize of the Yang Zhaoyu excitement shows between the lines. He told reporters: "through this form of the game, which encouraged me to read more books and read good books of interest, inspired me to become a learning and knowledge type talents, at the same time, also I exercise the ability of language expression, make me more courage and confidence." (author: Sun Zhaoming)


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