Breast disease why prefer 3S lady female health network

the size of the breast and the risk of cancer is not related, that is, the breast is not necessarily easy to get breast cancer, small breasts may also have severe breast hyperplasia, breast cancer precancerous lesions.

"left" to the age of 30 is a watershed

3S lady who enjoy happiness is good, if it is because of various reasons to single, to suffer negative events such as lovelorn hit, the risk of breast cancer can be further enlarged and psychological factors. On the other hand, the breast is a personalized organ, get the appropriate massage can not only clear the blood running, but also adjust the mood, enhance immunity, reduce the chances of cancer.

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

a lot of "3S lady" in marriage on time, a lot of people would have exceeded the national regulations of late marriage and childbearing age, has no life event planning. 3S lady with breast cancer Jianxingjianjin, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, after lung cancer death in cancer ranking. Only the breast that is caressed and fed regularly will be healthier and can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

late marriage, late childbearing and late lactation are three risk factors for breast cancer. Research has found that women under the age of 30 with former first fetal and suckling, more than 30 years after the birth of the breast cancer risk is much lower, and 7 consecutive years of lactating women can reduce the risk of 50%. The reason for the increase in progesterone secretion in women after pregnancy, against estrogen, and lactation women with low levels of estrogen related. There is research evidence that estrogen can stimulate breast hyperplasia, high levels of easy to induce breast cancer.

breast cancer risk has nothing to do with breast size

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