Thousands of miles Xining police feelings of disaster

in the morning of June 2nd, 140 Xining special police and logistics personnel from Xining, went to the disaster area in Sichuan to perform tasks……

SWAT wrote in the afternoon

learned that to go to Sichuan to help the local police to carry out the work of the police after the disaster, the city’s special police have written down to the Xining special police detachment commander Zhang Baoli hand in hand in the afternoon of the. In the face of the registration of SWAT team members, team leaders decided to select a group to endure hardship, to fight, to reflect the characteristics of the plateau police team rushed to the disaster area. Due to limited places, some failed man tears, until the team before the start of the moment, they are still qingzhan. After leaving, Zhang commander from some of the players say that these young players to the middle, some parents were hospitalized, some of his wife’s illness, but the players did not have a prerequisite, beat a retreat. Logistics section chief Ma Baoyan is one of them.

this time, Ma Baoyan suffering from a cold is not cured, after receiving the order, he was ready to travel three days and three nights of supplies, did not attend to rest. In June 2nd 3 in the morning, he began to do the preparatory work, a tired, almost fainted. Captain Zhang Baoli forced him to the medical car, put him on the spot.

female SWAT volunteered

in the team to the disaster area, there are 10 female swat.

on the morning of May 30th, the vehicle administration is a meeting, the director received a phone call to send a female police sent to the disaster area. Zhang Xingdi is doing business records of 31 year old female police first got the message, enter the war. In the comrades know, Zhang Xingdi suffering from a serious heart disease, had a heart surgery last year, the end of last year is still hospitalized, is still in the treatment of.

at this time, did not participate in the meeting of the female police Li Junhong learned to go to the disaster area after the news, but also requires registration. Two female police race to go, but the attitude is resolute, Zhang Xingdi said, Xiao Li than their own small; Xiao Li said, Zhang Jie body is not good, he is young, or she went well, two people fight up. Finally, Zhang Xingdi decided to stay. Hearing this decision, Zhang Xingdi left tears, she said, really want to do something for the disaster area people, even if it is just for them to send a warm words.

because there is love, not alone

damaged roads, bridges collapsed, traffic disruption, the road to the disaster area in Sichuan is not smooth. Through the coordination of the Ministry of public security and Gansu Province, Shaanxi province police department support team four times to change the original route, wherever he went, there are traffic police directing traffic, grooming vehicles, or the local police to lead the way, to make the smooth road safety team.

June 3rd morning, the team arrived in Shaanxi, Baoji, all the staff on the spot in the car to rest. A lot of people in the local tent on the street, the whole family to spend the night in the tent. In the morning, when the masses;

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