200 kinds of Qinghai specialty Shanghai

in order to let the local specialty products out of Qinghai, recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the city’s 14 companies to participate in the "special goods West Spring Fair" in Shanghai, Qinghai more than 200 kinds of specialty goods by Shanghai public favor, many enterprises in our city and Shanghai companies signed sales together with 37 million yuan.

to expand characteristic industry opening up and industrial structure adjustment, our city guide and develop characteristic economy and industries, to achieve leapfrog development of the characteristic industry of our city, Municipal Bureau of commerce organization of the city’s 14 companies to participate in this event. The products include dairy products, meat products, products, wine, beverage, textile crafts, grain total of seven kinds of products, more than and 200 varieties. In the sales field, Chinese wolfberry, yak jerky and other characteristics of Qinghai rich commodity by the Shanghai people’s favor, the whole event is extremely strong, sales amounted to 624 thousand yuan. In addition, the city’s 6 enterprises and local enterprises signed a purchase and sale contract of $37 million. According to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, the event to strengthen economic and trade cooperation and exchanges both inside and outside the region of Qinghai and Shanghai and other countries, the expansion of the Qinghai local product visibility, improve the share of Qinghai products in the domestic market.


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