2016 of the top 500 Chinese enterprises to release the western mining industry is the only list of t

8 27, 2016 China top 500 enterprises released, Western Mining Group Co., the sales income of 33 billion yuan ranked 388th, compared with 413rd in 2015, up 25, this is the tenth consecutive Chinese selected the top 500 enterprises, is our province has only selected enterprises.

China Business Association, the China Association of entrepreneurs since 2002 launched the top 500 Chinese enterprises, this year is the fifteenth time to the Chinese society and the analysis of the top 500 enterprises. At present, China’s top 500 companies have a total of about 5 holding subsidiaries, the company’s share of the company’s 1.03, 000, 000 branches, in the national economy and social development has an important role in the development of the company’s top 1.26. 2016 of the top 500 enterprises in China, including a total of 261 manufacturing enterprises, the service industry, which, metal smelting, coal mining, petrochemical coking enterprises to reduce the number of domestic enterprises by the end of. In 2016 China top 500 enterprises have many new characteristics: the power of enterprise growth in the conversion, the differentiation characteristics of the profitability of the enterprise is obvious; the industrial distribution of large enterprises are undergoing profound changes, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing great challenges, new industries and service industry overall rapid growth.

since 2015, in the provincial government "confidence in the tree outside the plastic image, the two venture Zaizhuhuihuang’s" sixteen words "strategy under the guidance of the Western Mining Group Limited to fully implement, establish the strategic initiatives, combined with the actual quick action. To reduce the 8 situation in downtown pressure on the economy in 2016 and China enterprise 500 strong metal smelting, coal mining, petrochemical, coking enterprises, Western Mining Group in the face of difficulties and pressure, steadily push forward the reform and development of enterprises, to ensure the production and operation of stable running high, breaking the passive situation of consecutive years of losses, the western mining group ranking strong up to 25.


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