The police revolution six action to closely monitor the campus surrounding nternet Security

Xining City Public Security Bureau network monitoring department focus on remediation in the "revolution six" action, and closely monitor the campus surrounding Internet security.

The East Branch of

network monitoring unit in the operation, the area around the school Mopai found Xiao Zhai Cun de tree primary school next to 50 meters, there is a suspicion of illegal rental houses to open Internet cafes, providing Internet services to students. May 31st afternoon, Xining City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment and East branch network monitoring unit in accordance with the procedure of joint action of the black Internet cafes to investigate, and the Internet is staff were cleaning up. The black Internet cafe owners are unemployed, in the absence of any formalities, the purchase of 12 computers to open Internet cafes, profit from. The East Branch supervisor battalion legally seized cable access equipment, and the transfer of the business sector for processing.

May 12th, Huangzhong County in the middle of a black Internet cafes have been banned.


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