North of Xining city to carry out the ten activities

city of Xining city in the near future in accordance with the outstanding center, create an atmosphere, to promote the work of thinking, to carry out ten activities to celebrate the founding of the party’s 91 anniversary.

"one of the ten main activities include the firm ideal faith education, to carry out an activity; innovation and development, carry out a meticulous research activities; commitment Jiannuo, carry out a temper party activities; optimization team, to carry out a theme party day activities; transfer to carry out a warm, caring chivalric, condolences activities; to carry out a twinning activities; first tree, to carry out a recognition of typical activities; pragmatic, to carry out a primary research activities; to build the brand, to carry out a exhibitionactivities; public participation, to carry out a mass cultural activities.

as of now, the district has been held for the organization of Party members singing revolutionary songs, the organization of Party members and collective oath, the organization of Party members to Baoziwan town Qinghai Kunlun longevity hospital for the elderly to carry out clean, service, build brand, building style, to celebrate the eighteen party show "as the theme of the party construction work achievements appraisal and" welcome "71" culture into the community – family colorful culture exhibition activities, administrative service etiquette culture, family culture and Art Festival. (author: Su Jianping Fan Shengdong Jiang Haining)

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