Love the green Qinghai 2016 New Year’s day let us ride play through

New year’s day, as the starting point of the year, the sports department will organize a variety of activities every year. New year’s day in 2016, the Provincial Sports Bureau held a series of activities of the fifteenth Lake Race 2016 first love lake, green Qinghai city bicycle directional match. As long as you love cycling, a bicycle, whether it is flying, permanent, or mountain bike, you can come to challenge.

group competition, public riding tour group of players ages in 18 to 60 years of age, male or female. The group competition for a group of 2 people, are required to have a registration ID card or a province (county, city, state) Cycling Association membership card, public riding group to individual units, free on-site registration. The final 30 winners of the competition group, and give a bonus ranging from $100 to $1000, the group does not set up the race to compete with the prize, all the players can get a souvenir.  

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