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anemia is a common disease in our daily life, people of any age can occur, but because of its special physiological structure, women are particularly prone to anemia symptoms. Food therapy tonic effect, for women to eat what the problem of anemia, I believe that many people are concerned about the following for the collation of a detailed answer.

pumpkin is not only delicious but good, attractive color, but also has a high nutritional composition. Pumpkin contains a special nutrient – cobalt. As one of the important components of vitamin B12, cobalt can help the normal operation of human red blood cells; pumpkin in the zinc element will directly affect the function of red blood cells, in addition to the rich iron content of pumpkin. These three kinds of trace elements are all excellent nutritional blood, so women anemia eat pumpkin would be

women anemia what food to eat? The most common blood carrot

women anemia is very common, especially susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, this is mainly because the female physiology period each month fixed blood loss, so for women anemia, diet maintenance is very necessary. More detail about women anemia eat what food problem, hope to have the symptoms of anemia women learn to use some blood food, the above problems, as soon as possible to get rid of anemia.


life is often said to eat spinach strength will become bigger, known to eat spinach Popeye Popeye ridicule. But you know, one of the vegetables spinach is recognized as an excellent tonic effect. Although spinach is very common vegetable, but because spinach contains very rich iron carotene, therefore it is well-known blood foods. For people who do not eat carrots, eat more spinach also can make excellent blood effect.


when it comes to this kind of food, people who like to eat will like it very much, but the people who hate the taste of it will frown. Many people say carrot is smell, it is because the carrot which contains a lot of vitamins, and contains a unique carrots and other vegetables does not have su. Carrots to stew, for the treatment of anemia is the most common female. In addition, the carrot is also known as vegetables in ginseng, it can be seen that its nutritional value is very high.

women anemia what food to eat? Spinach blood


women anemia what food to eat? Pumpkin blood right

anemia is very common, except for a few kinds of food to eat what is said above, women should also pay attention to the rationality of nutritional anemia, diversified food can guarantee the body for the absorption of nutrients, so the diet must be wide; also do not eat spicy cold and not easy to digest food, diet control can occur to effectively prevent the symptoms of anemia.

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