Hao Peng meets with Byd Co chairman Wang Chuanfu and his party

6 21 morning, governor Hao Peng met with Byd Company Limited chairman Wang Chuanfu and his party, and attended the signing ceremony of the Qinghai provincial government and the Saline Lake lithium resources cooperation agreement.

meeting, Hao Peng and his party to welcome the green line of Wang Chuanfu. Hao Peng spoke highly of the achievements and performance of Byd Co in science and technology innovation, market development, etc.. Hao Peng said that the implementation of the country’s new energy vehicle development strategy, vigorously promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles, is to protect the ecological environment, an important way to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Li Qinghai is rich in resources, is an important position in the new energy automotive industry chain, the province has initially formed Saline Lake lithium, lithium carbonate, anode material, lithium battery manufacturing industry chain, the provincial government has lithium industry is identified as an important strategic emerging industries, is a force to build one hundred billion yuan lithium industry base. China’s new energy automotive industry development boost. Byd Co in the information technology, automotive, new energy and other fields have technical advantages, scientific and technological innovation ability, high level of industry, rapid development, great potential. Hao Peng said, the depth of cooperation and exchanges in Qinghai province attaches great importance to the Byd Co, the Byd Co hopes to increase investment in Qinghai, accelerate the new energy automotive product development, production and application, we will actively create a good environment, support the Byd Co construction projects in Qinghai, and jointly promote the development of green.

Wang Chuanfu Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to the new energy industry, and introduced the company’s new energy automotive industry development strategy and broad prospects. He said that the current global lithium industry has shown a good momentum of development, Qinghai development of new energy vehicles has the advantage of speeding up the development of richly endowed by nature, the new energy automotive industry, has very important significance to Qinghai as an ecological province, lithium resources in the province. Wang Chuanfu said that Byd Co will accelerate the production of lithium batteries in Qinghai and supporting materials production projects, and strive to create a win-win situation.

signing ceremony, the provincial government, Byd Co, Saline Lake group jointly signed the "Saline Lake lithium resources cooperation agreement"; Xining city (Xining economic and Technological Development Zone), Haidong city (Haidong Industrial Park), Saline Lake group and Byd Co, with HTC Industrial Company signed the "Saline Lake lithium resources development cooperation framework agreement" and "investment cooperation agreement". According to the agreement, the Byd Co will invest 9 billion yuan in Qinghai, the production of construction projects supporting materials 10G kwh lithium battery project and 10G kwh lithium batteries, started construction in September 2016, put into operation in August 2019, reached 10G kwh power and energy storage battery production capacity.

Gao Hua, Wang Liming met and attended the signing ceremony.


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