East District a grand recognition of ten moral model Miao Xiuying was awarded the most beautiful mo


are ordinary people, but their extraordinary deeds deeply touched many people. October 30th, the city of East District held the second moral model award ceremony, in recognition of the moral model of the city from all walks of life in the East District of ten. Newspaper reported on September 12th, Miao Xiuying was named the most beautiful mother".

in April this year, the East District launched the second moral model selection activities. In the area, the people of all ethnic groups to dig and found, pushing around their own good, to vote in the minds of the moral model. After six months of public voting and the East District of repeated comprehensive evaluation, the final selection of ten moral models from hundreds of candidates, to be commended.

awards ceremony, each assessment to select a moral model, the audience responded with warm applause. When was named "the most beautiful mother" Miao Xiuying in love with to receive the award, the applause sounded again, for their selfless dedication, raising 11 orphans and disabled children’s story touched everyone here. For such a privilege, Miao Xiuying used only the most simple words to express gratitude. On the same day, with Miao Xiuying commended and courageous brother Ye Ming recorded, pragmatic dedication "prime minister alley, a small red deer credit boss Huang Huacan, the champion of the people, respecting and caring for the Jinghua Li Xiulan Pro good daughter-in-law Lee Chun Yan and reminders of the" small tube "Xin Shizhong, foreign good doctor Yang Youzhu, mediation for the people of the female judges, Ma Yuanhua silently gardener Cao jinhua. Chengdong district also issued a written proposal, calling for all ethnic groups in all walks of life and the masses of cadres and workers to learn the moral model, and constantly improve the moral consciousness and moral quality, better to create a national civilized city in the activity. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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