Heavy blows remediation North Zen road environment

North Road to Zen repeatedly remediation still exist placed outside the shop, free mobile stalls Jeeves, recently, the North District Urban Management Bureau of United Federation of industry and commerce, traffic police, health and epidemic prevention departments, on the North Zen road surrounding chaos hit a heavy gauge.


reporter was informed that the recent North Zen road regulation, Jeeves has two stone processing shop issued a rectification notice, the requirements placed along the road within the stipulated time of stone cleaning, and free of parked vehicles issued a penalty notice. A total of more than and 20 shops along the street to clean up, mobile vendors from the 13. It is reported that the North District Urban Management Bureau with a city, to the north of Zen Road shops along the street and lived the villagers who care for the environment and health initiative, supervise the strict implementation of the "street stores in front of three" responsibility system, and actively communicate and coordinate with the temple table Village, villagers arrangements specifically responsible for the daily management of the area the. In addition, in order to ensure the public food hygiene and health, health and epidemic prevention departments failed, on the North Zen road along the street restaurant health practitioners without health certificates, business license expired unaudited operating businesses, the spot requires its rectification, and seized 10 hotels is a serious problem.

the next step, the North District Urban Management Bureau will continue to increase the northern Zen road inspections and remediation efforts to strengthen the clean sweep of the road, to solve the problem of the surrounding area of the northern mountain Taoist Taoist poor sanitation. (author: Tang Rong Wei Yunlong)

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