Beijing botanical garden scenery colored peach contests and

this season should be Beijing Taoyuan, peach blossom the best time, the peach blossom, the Beijing botanical garden formed a beautiful landscape. The weather continued warming, the Beijing botanical garden of peach blossom ahead of the opening, this is the earliest opening time. At present, the park has entered the best period of ornamental flowering, 10 days earlier than usual.

Beijing Peach Blossom Festival will be opened at the botanical garden on March 25th, during the exhibition will focus on more than 100 kinds of flowers, 1 million 500 thousand strains of the Huaxi landscape, tulip flowers, beautiful Metasequoia forest spray will be presented one by one. "Peach Blossom Festival will continue until May 23rd, the extension of 60 days, which will be the longest in the history of the peach blossom festival." Beijing Botanical Garden Management Office of the relevant person in charge.

Peach Blossom Festival long, thanks to the continuous strengthening of Beijing botanical garden plant research, introduction, cultivation. Peach Blossom Festival held in 1989, only 19 peach varieties, more than 1600 strains, the whole exhibition just run for 20 days. Today, the park has reached 73 ornamental peach varieties, nearly 10000 plants; flowering from the first day of the extension of nearly 60 days to nearly 20 days.

at the same time, through the continuous introduction and domestication, Peach Blossom Festival can be seen during the spring flowers are also increasing. From the early spring crocus, winter jasmine, peach blossom to the late 5 months of the peony, visitors can enjoy nearly a hundred kinds of flowers during this period. Known as the "Chinese dove tree" tree, called "tulip tree Liriodendron" and a number of rare plants, during the Peach Blossom Festival will also enter the best view.

variety of peach, of people’s attention, make people feel more beautiful, the botanical garden in Beijing, visitors can also enjoy a Clivia exhibition, tea culture exhibition, culture exhibition, plum meat pulp plant and other characteristics of the exhibition exhibition. In order to facilitate the majority of tourists enjoy the scenery, the Peach Blossom Festival in Beijing botanical garden launched a special 100 Chunhua, 10 regional best flowers florescence forecast.

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