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many female friends want to make their breasts become more plump, while some women are in their own breasts too full of worry. For the breast is too full of female friends, the breast is too large, not only affect the chest type, but also easy to become tired, even because of the breast is too large and lead to skin inflammation of the breast. So, how to make the breast shrink?

some female friends of the chest is not great, as long as the choice for their own bra, it can be more perfect breast shape, appear to be more strong, so as to make the chest appear smaller, will not make people feel like watching two lumps of fat.

generally, the fatter, chest will become more fat, so the chest and higher body weight of female friends, fewer calories intake recommendations, it can be stored body fat burning and decomposition, so that the breast reduction effect.

2, reduce calorie intake

1, strengthening the movement

above is about how to make the breast of the relevant content. It introduces the four kinds of methods can make the breast reduction for everyone, no matter what kind of choice method, the effect is good. If you do not want to come through the breast reduction surgery, can strengthen the exercise and reduce calorie intake and wearing the right bra and other methods to achieve the purpose of breast reduction.

how to make breasts shrink

3, liposuction breast reduction

liposuction breast reduction is a common method of breast reduction, the effect is immediate, but will not leave ugly scars. Need to remind you is, the menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation within half a year is not recommended to do liposuction breast reduction surgery.

as everyone knows, most of the fat tissue of chest, so suggest chest big female friends, strengthening exercise, especially the chest big movement, can make the chest muscles become stronger, so as to reduce the effect of breast.

4, wearing the right bra

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