Food and beverage stores five elements customer management

food and beverage market hot, catering stores become the choice for many investors, but want to keep the store a good business, entrepreneurs should be able to attract and manage each customer into the store, so as to have more advantage in operation time, let the store to keep the lasting profit, let the franchisee business worry free.

, a passerby

two, repeat

loyal customers

four, the best customer

five, how to win customer management

1. customer management, as far as possible to record the purchase of goods to each enterprise to celebrate a birthday or a memorial day of the customer’s name, age and address, so you can track service and management.

2. frequent management, whenever their own enterprises to carry out delivery, gift, store opening, etc. should be promptly notify the old customers and repeat customers. You can also regularly held various activities, let the customer participation, such as some bakery held a children’s cartoon selection etc..

3. emotional management, small investment, big returns. Make calendars, greeting cards, calendars, and coupons for customers, which will give you good results. Such as children’s day, all the children to bring customers a small gift, etc..


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