Cost analysis join fruit time

how much time to join the cost of fresh fruit? See the following details:

fruit time to join the cost how much? Store the cost of joining the venture stores, shops and stores three standard platinum.

venture shop: Join fee 20800 yuan (5~20 square meters)

standard store: Join fee 29800 yuan 20~40 square metre)

flagship store: Join fee 38800 yuan (more than 40 square meters)

shop costs in addition to the cost of joining the team and the brand, but also the cost of equipment + decoration + rent.

to standard stores, for example, equipment costs 5000~6000 yuan, renovation costs about 300~500/ square meters.

regional agents: Hefei, for example, the regional agency costs 80 thousand yuan, brand management fees of $5000 / year. A total of more than and 300 stores nationwide, mainly in the northern region, the southern region of a total of more than and 80.

fresh fruit store profit analysis

milk tea shop location: near the school

milk tea shop rent: 50 thousand / year

tea shop electricity costs: 800 yuan / month

tea shop staff wages: 2500/ months (boss +1 employees)

milk tea shop sales cup number: 150 cup

milk tea shop product price: 6 yuan

milk tea shop daily sales: 400 yuan

above this situation, is the most common form of a milk tea shop, of course, can also be opened 1 milk tea shop, you can also open the door to 5 people, the business is large and small, take this typical example to analyze. From the above data, let us count, profit = revenue – expenditure, as follows:

net income = (drinks cup number / day × unit price + snack sales) × profit margin – rent – hydro – personnel wages

net income = (150 cup / day × $6 +400) × 65%-137 yuan / day rent -27 yuan / day water -83 yuan / day wage

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